Conforming to the needs of the current Internet.

The websites of today have one of the most essential features that is necessary for them to grow and become an authority website- mobile responsiveness. It is not only one of the most essential aspects when it comes to the new Google algorithm is in terms of increasing the ranking of the website, but also helps the user interaction for those that are accessing the Internet and subsequently the website from the mobile phones. Amongst other things, it is the responsiveness of the website when it concerns the mobile platform that leads to a lot of people questioning whether such importance should be given for a new algorithm by Google to mobile responsiveness.

You have to realize that Google as with all the other search engines are witnessing a massive growth in the number of people accessing their website through the mobile platform. So, it goes without saying that tapping into that particular source of revenue is not only an important factor for Google, but also a pretty important the revenue source that they cannot end up missing. So, this is the reason why they have passed the onus on to the Webmasters, whereby they would have to comply with the mobile responsiveness feature of the search engine or else they might end up facing problems concerning the ranking that they are seeking.

The other vital feature about noticing an increase in the search engine ranking is proper social media connectivity. For example, it is not only essential for each and every website to have its own social networking account, but it is in fact another means of connecting to the end user for that particular website. The Webmaster will be able to conform to the needs of the user through that particular website while ensuring that they would also be able to bring about appropriate changes to their website based upon the feedback provided by the user. All of these features are essential as well is important for the growth of the website while ensuring that using this feedback, they would be more welcome by the end user that is ultimately going to use the website.