Consistency plays an important role in the success of a website.

A quick look at the recent algorithm changes by Google will throw up interesting results. For example, Mobile responsiveness is one of the most important features in this particular algorithm update with the results in most of the website seeing a noticeable amount of decrease in rankings simply because they do not have their website set up for the mobile platform. Amongst other things, the quality of the content which is also used in the website plays a very important role in how the website will be able to rank for a particular keyword.

Yet, what is one of the most hidden features in the latest Google algorithm ranking is the consistency of posting. If your website requires that particular post in the ranking from the plateau that it is currently in, you need to be able to post consistently. For example, if you have a posting frequency of one article every 4 to 5 days, then you need to change the frequency to one article every alternate day. Of course, initially, it may seem to be a tad bit hurried for you, and proper research might not always be possible. However, the majority of the people that would have to post in such a frequency prefer to make use of freelance writers in order to get the content up and running in their website.

One of the most important questions arises as to what kind of consistency is the best indicator for a noticeable increase in ranking. You have to remember that depending upon the kind of website that you have introduced for that keyword, the consistency would vary. For example, if this is a website which deals with the latest technical news, then updates at least once a day or once every two days is very important. That way, people would be abreast of all the latest going ons in the tech industry, and they would consider you to be a reliable resource of information in that regard. However, if this is a website that deals with dogs, then updating once a week with a new article might seem to be the best frequency of posting.